Some happy people…

I visited the store for the very first time yesterday. Wow…this is the most beautiful Adult Boutique in Australia. I have been a supplier to this industry for over 20 years, and I can’t say there is a more beautifully set out store. Everything was set out to a perfect plan. From the exquisite window display to the lovely array of classy products, this is a store to be seen! And love the beautiful lounges. I felt like I was walking into a designer shop in Paris. Well done George – you’ve certainly found your calling! Next stop, The Block!!
– Suzy

Visited the store today to find a new toy and was so amazed by the store look and the fantastic staff and how much they make you feel comfortable and how polite and friendly they are was an amazing experience, the store look was so pretty and the feel of a cute boutique. Thank you so much.
– Liz

An absolutely fun and pleasant experience. Lovely clothing and my friend “Amber” enjoyed meeting the amazing high quality rabbits. George you are one pretty cool dude. Thanks for getting us to easily pass over the visas.
– Ann

Just want to thank George for making us girls feel so welcomed yesterday afternoon. He runs a classy establishment and the girls who assisted us, really knows the products.
– Rachel